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is now a Blockdaemon company! Seamlessly Connect to Your Users' Transaction Data

Build a Comprehensive Stream of User Data - While Staying Connected to Your App

Gem Connect gives you instant access to your users’ crypto exchange accounts.

  • 20+ Exchanges Supported
  • In-App Credential Management
  • Available On Any Device

Gem Connect Solves Your Problems

  • A Comprehensive Stream of User Data

    Getting access, managing, and securing your users’ historical exchange account data used to be complicated. Gem Connect makes it easy.

  • Access User Data Securely

    Gem’s credential management system offers simplicity, while also providing confidence in our security as we safeguard digital information.

  • Keep Your Users In-App

    With the cross-platform embeddable UI Flow, Gem Onramp users can easily buy or sell crypto all in-app, in just a few clicks. Giving your users a world-class seamless experience.

  • Grow with Gem Connect

    As you expand your product reach, Gem Connect supports your growth. The proactive and responsive interface ensures your users have a consistent and beautiful experience across all devices.

Instant Data & Security

Building a universal history of users’ crypto transactions across wallets, accounts, and trading venues is complicated and difficult to maintain. With Gem Connect, managing your users’ data just got easier. Gem Connect’s aggregated data feed allows you to view your user’s data all in-app, with one simple click.

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