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Pioneering Institutional Liquid Staking

The world’s first KYC-compliant, institutional-grade liquid staking token, Portara.

Unlock greater capital efficiency on staked ETH, which can be freely transferred and used as collateral when tokenized.

What is Liquid Staking?

Liquid staking frees staked ETH from lockup periods.

Collectively, the global network of ETH holders are responsible for the network’s security. This security is maintained by staking. By staking tokens, Ethereum’s liquidity flows to trusted validators, the guardians of Ethereum decentralization. However staking has a major problem; staked ETH is locked-up and can’t be used in any promising Ethereum Web3 projects.

Unlock Institutional Liquidity

Liquidity powers Ethereum’s decentralized economy. Blockdaemon provides a safe port for your ETH tokens. We allow any institution to securely store and stake ETH assets in an insured, audited and reward-generating smart contract.

  • Stake & Earn Rewards Simultaneously

    With institutional liquid staking you receive a receipt token to represent your staked ETH. This token can then be used across DeFi and more, allowing institutions to earn more rewards on their investment.

  • Total Compliance

    Blockdaemon ensures that all DeFi counterparties are whitelisted. This guarantees that robust KYC & AML processes are strictly observed. Our strong compliance focus opens new, untapped opportunities for DeFi.

  • Instant Withdrawal Enabled

    All rewards are safely stored and secured by trusted custodians. Liquid funds can also be withdrawn instantly, skipping any exit queues.

  • 100% Slashing Insurance

    Staked assets are 100% protected by Blockdaemon’s pioneering slashing insurance guarantee. This shields customers’ funds from any risk of slashing.

    *Blockdaemon’s slashing insurance protects our customers from the downsides of blockchain staking slashing events.

Built By Blockdaemon & StakeWise

Blockdaemon and StakeWise partnered to be your fully compliant, institutional grade Ethereum liquidity on-ramp.
Join us today to enjoy institutional grade liquid staking for the world’s leading smart contract platform.
Reach out to us now to begin your journey across Ethereum’s economy.


Blockdaemon has years of experience delivering high-quality blockchain infrastructure.

  • 1. Industry Leading Staking Provider

    Proof-of-Stake blockchains rely on high-quality validator nodes. Blockdaemon generates optimal staking rewards by using high-quality nodes with max uptime. Strong infrastructure is needed to guarantee reliability, uptime, and slashing mitigation – all with 24/7 monitoring.

  • 2. 100% Slashing Insurance

    Blockdaemon’s 100% slashing insurance guarantee covers any risk of slashing occuring. Slashing is a feature of many proof-of-stake networks to curb malicious activity and incentivise good behavior among validators, the entities responsible for securing the network. In the unlikely event of a slashing taking place where Blockdaemon is at fault, our 100% slashing insurance guarantee covers any potential loss which may occur.

  • 3. Fully Compliant

    Blockdaemon’s full regulatory compliance is uniquely suited to this innovative offering. We have robust KYC/AML compliance policies. We monitor on-chain behavioral indicators and regularly perform risk-scores.


StakeWise is uniquely positioned to help deliver this industry-first product.

  • 1. Best-in-Class Eth2 Liquid Staking Experience

    StakeWise brings a best-in-class Eth2 liquid staking experience. StakeWise’s long standing reputation as a leader in the Etheruem Proof-of-Stake ecosystem is testament to its market-tested liquid staking protocol with real customer demand and traction.

  • 2. Strong Engineering Talent

    This liquid staking product is bolstered by their deep engineering talent pool.

  • 3. Deep Integrations into the Ethereum Ecosystem

    StakeWise has a long-standing reputation as a contributor to the health of the Ethereum ecosystem. StakeWise has also nurtured lasting relationships with various DeFi projects. They have developed a roadmap to improve the security and utility of staked capital in DeFi.

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