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Connecting Businesses to NFTs.

Obtaining NFT data can be complicated. Blockdaemon connects you to Ethereum NFT data with one simple interface.

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  • The NFT Problems Facing Institutions

    Access to reliable, on-demand NFT data is the single greatest bottleneck facing institutions building NFT products today.

    Managing and accessing NFT data is not easy. If you’re developing NFT apps, the data you need is invariably split between marketplaces, file storage services and the blockchain itself.

    If you want to build a useful and usable solution, you’ll need to solve some time consuming challenges:

    • How can you maintain consistency across varying data standards?
    • How can you parse on-chain and off-chain data?
    • How to accelerate off chain data indexing?
    • How to access tightly guarded NFT marketplaces?
    • How to integrate data across fragmented infrastructure?


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The sheer volume of NFT information presents you with its own unique challenge. You’ll need to spend time, energy and resources building and maintaining vast data reservoirs. This effort can slow your speed-to-market.

The Solution: Blockdaemon’s Ubiquity NFT API

Ubiquity gives you rich Ethereum NFT data via a single API.

We have unified Ethereum on-chain and off-chain NFT data into our Ubiquity NFT API. This offers institutions a better, faster and cheaper way to plug-in to NFT data than managing this in-house.

Now, teams can craft a winning NFT centric product, without the pain of managing overheads. This accelerates speed-to-market, without compromising quality.

Blockdaemon’s Ubiquity NFT API is designed for simplicity and performance.


With a few simple endpoints, you can retrieve information about NFT assets, collections and events on Ethereum. The API also supports advanced querying and filtering. This gives institutions a highly flexible NFT API for retrieving robust and correct NFT data. Our gold-standard docs and tutorials help devs at every step.

  • Seamlessly Query NFT Collections

    With our collections endpoint, you have seamless access to a trove of NFT data. By having either the collection name or contract address, you unlock a wealth of information pertaining to Ethereum NFT collections. See the images stored in each as well as additional information such as the description and metadata of the collection. Dive into thousands of collections with a simple yet powerful endpoint.

    Separately, our collection endpoint returns information about a collection by a given collection ID.

    NFT Playground
  • Easily Query NFT Assets

    Rapidly retrieve NFT asset data with the assets endpoint. Simply enter the contract or wallet address to retrieve an asset’s data. Enter additional information, such as the TokenID or attributes, to drill down even further.

    With a single endpoint, you have access to a world of NFT assets, across thousands of collections, at your fingertips. Get the data that matters most to you and your users.

    NFT Playground
    curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <api key>"
    • Attributes

      • Background Orange
      • Hat Laurel Wreath
      • Eyes Bloodshot
      • Mouth Bored Unshaven
      • Fur Golden Brown
    • Details

      • Contract Address 0xbc4c...f13d
      • Token ID 7894
      • Token Standard ERC-721
      • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Effortlessly Query NFT Events

    NFT events, such as a mint or a transfer, are readily accessible with the events endpoint. Effortlessly receive a complete view of mints or transfers over time, by inputting a contract or wallet address.

    The Ubiquity NFT API lets you trace the course of events from mint onwards. For example, you can use the data to create graphs of events over time.

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    curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <api key>"
    • Most Recent Event

      • Contract Address 0xe288...2e01
      • Token ID 7894
      • Event Type Transfer
      • Timestamp 1623459343
      • From Account 0xb951...565c
      • To Account 0x504a...Efee


The Ubiquity NFT API is built for institutional grade NFT apps. It is designed for scalability and high availability.
Real-time indexing brings you the most complete view of the NFT landscape. Our infrastructure brings you a reliable, performant API for your app, combined with the most up-to-date data, at scale.

The Ubiquity NFT API guarantees an excellent service and a trusted source of truth.

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With our innovative NFT API solution, we empower institutions to build the next wave of powerful NFT apps.

We’ve indexed thousands of NFT collections and millions of data points so you don’t have to. With Ubiquity you can access NFT data directly, there’s no need to go through providers like OpenSea or LooksRare. With our Ubiquity NFT API, tap into this wealth of data to eliminate the time and expense of doing it yourself. You can serve this data to users, for a complete and independent lens through which to view NFTs.

All with one single interface.

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