How to Stake SKL (SKALE)

SKALE is an Ethereum-based multichain network that is designed to bring scalability to the Ethereum network.

SKL is the SKALE network’s native token and is easy to stake with Blockdeamon. In this guide, you’ll learn how to stake SKL tokens with MetaMask.

Follow the steps below to stake SKALE SKL:

  1. Access Your MetaMask Wallet
  2. Choose the Blockdaemon Validator
  3. Check Your SKL Rewards (optional)

Step 1 – Access Your MetaMask Wallet

Before you begin, make sure that you’ve installed and set up the MetaMask wallet. You also need some SKL tokens available in the wallet and some ETH to pay for the gas fees. How you deposit tokens to the MetaMask Wallet varies depending on where you’re transferring the tokens from. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the process before buying or sending tokens.

Step 2 – Choose the Blockdaemon Validator

  • In the SKL Tokens area, click the Select Validator list, and then select the Blockdaemon Validator.

  • When you’ve selected the Blockdaemon Validator, enter the amount of SKL that you want to stake, and then click Delegate.

  • A MetaMask dialog appears asking you to confirm the transaction on the blockchain. You can also see the ETH fee associated with the transaction. Click Confirm.

  • After a short while, you can see that the transaction has been processed and the tokens have been delegated. Once the Blockdaemon Validator accepts the delegation, the State changes from Proposed to Accepted, and then finally to Delegated.

Step 3 – Check Your SKL Rewards (Optional)




Interested in running your own SKALE Validator? Send us a message to get started.

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