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Take Control of Your Digital Assets

Sepior gives you more control of your wallets and key shares. Sepior’s Advanced MPC Wallet™ and Advanced MPC TSM technology accelerates your time to revenue, minimizes financial risk, and maximizes customer security.

New to MPC solutions? Get our Intro to MPC and Threshold Cryptography whitepaper or see our collection of whitepapers and videos.

Sepior Is Your MPC Wallet Solution

  • Institutional-grade Security

  • Your Choice of Custody Models

  • One MPC Wallet for All Protocols

  • Supporting 100's of Institutions

How Sepior Solves Your MPC Wallet Problems

  • Multi-Asset MPC Wallet Solution

    Sepior's Advanced MPC Wallet™ can be 100% self-hosted and supports any protocol. Additionally, with Sepior’s flexible policy engine, your MPC wallet can support all protocols with a uniform and consistent set of policies.

  • Build-Your-Own MPC Wallet

    Advanced MPC TSM seamlessly integrates into your in-house developed wallets, providing advanced MPC-based key management, protection, and signature generation. With powerful API, blockchain, NFT, and webhook integrations, you can integrate your wallet with existing services and easily introduce new services.

  • Minimizes Security Vulnerabilities

    Sepior’s Advanced MPC™ tech removes single point of failure vulnerabilities by eliminating the existence of a complete key. You can easily host your wallet on any device type, such as containers, VMs, mobile, and desktop.

  • Maximize Security With Policy Protection

    PolicyProtect™ cryptographically binds policies with key shares to protect against malicious policy changes.

Who Partners with Sepior?

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Sepior is a multi-asset solution for every wallet type, and all custody and deployment models. Sepior Advanced MPC Wallet and Advanced MPC TSM technology have set new standards for digital asset security.

Sepior makes it easy for banks, custodians, exchanges, institutions, and IaaS providers to implement high-performance threshold cryptography.

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