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Fast, Reliable Native Access

Ubiquity Native API

Get blockchain API access to major protocols through their own native APIs. Interact with onchain data, broadcast transactions and build applications.

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Save time and resources by connecting through native API’s

Accelerate your business with native access for top chains

Blockdaemon abstracts the complexity of building on blockchain by providing the most reliable infrastructure in web3. With uptime of 99.9%, our nodes give builders the making best option for launching dApps.

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One API, Many Protocols

Ubiquity is a multi-protocol abstraction layer

  • Single REST API to query multiple protocols for key information

  • Websockets for real-time streaming updates

  • Generalized protocol access in a unified format

  • SDK support in multiple programming languages

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Who is Native Access Used By?

Ubiquity’s native, RPC access is a fast, flexible and extensible source of data which requires minimum time investment to access the most useful data with the least amount of customization needed.

Native access was built to serve the needs of developers. Engineers can run their own node, access to historical blockchain data and build dApps with speed and reliability.

  • Fintechs

  • Custodians & Exchanges

  • Developers & Startups

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