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Karura is a scalable, EVM-compatible network optimized for DeFi. The platform offers a suite of financial applications including: a trustless staking derivative (liquid KSM), a multi-collateralized stablecoin backed by cross-chain assets (kUSD), and an AMM DEX – all with micro gas fees that can be paid in any token. Its sister network Acala aims to be the DeFi hub for Polkadot and the two projects will eventually be interoperable.

  • Network Type
    • Mainnet
    • PoS
    • Public
  • Hosting
    • AWS
    • Cloud
    • Google

Nodes & APIs

  • Dedicated Karura Nodes

    We've been perfecting Nodes-as-a-Service since 2017. All our Dedicated RPC Nodes are built for zero downtime and high security. Our nodes are supported by optional High-Availability Clusters, offering secure backups and helping you manage unforeseen load spikes. Lastly, every machine we manage comes with 24/7 support and transparent service level agreements.

  • Native Karura API

    With the Native RPC Access API, you can easily interact with multiple major protocols through their own native APIs. The Native Access API allows you to go deeper into a specific blockchain and get enriched native specific data with no abstraction to connect to our nodes.

Trusted By

  • Salesforce
  • Softbank
  • boldstart

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • KAR is the utility token that powers the DeFi hub of Kusama. 11% of KAR supply (11MM KAR) will be issued as rewards to supporters of parachain auction. 100 million KAR is the total supply.

  • The native KAR token can be used to pay for smart contracts, participate in governance, participate in DeFi services, deploy new Substrate pallets on Karura by staking KAR and more.

  • The Karura Dollar is a decentralized, multi-collateralized stablecoin backed by cross-chain assets. Stable by design with value relative to the US Dollar, kUSD is the defacto stablecoin of Kusama.

  • Absolutely. Blockdaemon has earned the ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management.

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