• Blockchain Nodes as a Service

    Don’t get stuck in the Proof of Concept phase. Public blockchains are not suited to handle enterprise needs and permissioned chains lack the proper infrastructure for iterative development. Spin up a node in minutes so you can quickly scale decentralized applications

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  • Complete Control

    Our solutions are crafted with the CIO in mind. We emphasize usability and simplicity so you can focus on building blockchain apps. Easily manage all aspects of your blockchain network including configuration, user permissions, node deployment

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  • Become a Blockchain Company

    Blockchains will change business processes as much as the cloud-revolution has. Yet underlying infrastructure cannot support enterprise deployments. We make it easy to create blockchain networks that accelerate industry-wide solutions

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  • Powerful Integrations

    We allow users to deploy applications to the most popular blockchains and cloud platforms. New integrations will always be added to provide a one-stop shop for blockchain innovation

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  • Custom Solutions

    Blockchains are complex. If you’re building data-heavy workflows at scale, we provide custom solutions unique to your business goals. Please reach out, we at Blockdaemon love a challenge

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Blockchain of your choice

Quick | Secure | Customizable

Three steps to your own blockchain cluster.

Pick from the plethora of choices available.

Customize every aspect of your node:

  • Public / Private?
  • Custom Mining Algorithm?
  • Smart Contracts

And you are done, hit the deploy button to spin up the node in minutes.

Deploy to major cloud platforms

About Us

Mission: Empower enterprises to quickly deploy and iterate innovative blockchain applications

Blockdaemon is a Blockchain as a Service platform that allows enterprises to simply and efficiently manage blockchain applications. We founded Blockdaemon because we noticed that enterprise needs were not being answered relative to the number of solutions created for public token sales. Public blockchains offer little in terms of scalability, speed, and role based permissions. Similarly, current enterprise blockchain solutions are expensive, complex, and cumbersome.

Blockdaemon builds tools that allow developers to quickly deploy and scale up blockchain applications. We’ve seen too many innovative projects get stuck in the proof of concept phase due to a lack of proper infrastructure. Blockdaemon makes spinning up nodes and managing networks seamless through an intuitive and easy to use interface. Our platform is integrated with industry leading blockchain and cloud infrastructure providers.

Is your team interested in working with Blockchain? We can help.

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