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Blockdaemon is the largest independent blockchain infrastructure platform connecting institutions and developers to leading networks.

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Public, permissioned, or staking nodes – in the cloud or on-premise with enterprise grade security and monitoring. Access historic blockchain data with our high-performance, multi-chain API, Ubiquity.

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The best SLA in the business, with node health and runtime metrics out of the box

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Our public nodes include High Availability configurations and are ISO 27001 compliant.

Blockdaemon Monitoring includes blockchain-specific data to monitor node health and system usage, while fitting into your existing monitoring infrastructure

With Ubiquity, our high-performance, multi-chain API, you can access historic full-archive blockchain data across Ubiquity-supported protocols. Ubiquity helps eliminate the costly context switching and performance tradeoffs from network to network with one easy to use API.

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We built the Blockchain Package Manager (BPM) to ensure the best node configurations and setups are available to anyone to run anywhere.

We provide the APIs you need to control your nodes, and the SaaS tools you need to keep your applications and organization in sync, secure, and online.

Launch your nodes on your own infrastructure or with any cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, for a truly multi-cloud deployment.

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Scale Painlessly

Enterprise grade & flawless DevEx: a best of both worlds approach to blockchain infrastructure

Security and compliance are second nature to us - providing the level of sophistication and pedigree you’d expect from a company managing your most precious assets.

We integrate with any cloud provider, any corporate infrastructure, and any blockchain, public or private, to provide the complete platform you need.

From small test networks to complex white labeled platforms, you can build anything with Blockdaemon.

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Blockdaemon is trusted by these leading blockchain developers and institutions:


Ubiquity: Multi-Chain API


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Build fast with data from multiple blockchains now

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  • Access to full-archived blockchain data on leading public protocols including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Stellar.
  • Eth2.0, Polkadot, Celo, Algorand, Terra and more will be deployed in the coming quarter with additional access planned throughout the year.
  • Access Ubiquity through a standard HTTP API or Websockets connection.
  • Faster API data throughput by relying on single node access from our high availability and load balanced infrastructure.
  • OpenAPI documentation provided with clear, focused and complete references on all required parameters and return values.
  • Query blockchain data and submit transactions with Ubiquity and allow Blockdaemon to handle the infrastructure setup and maintenance.

Dedicated Nodes


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Exclusive, non-shared nodes for your dedicated use

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  • Access to all leading public protocols, as well as permissioned networks including Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum (Parity or Geth) for private networks
  • No API limits or quotas
  • One-click onboarding for new participants into private and consortium networks
  • Custom branded experience
  • Monitoring and live decentralization metrics
  • Multiple cloud offerings and availability zones
  • Priority access to live customer support, knowledgebase and community resources
  • Enterprise-grade security

Enterprise Nodes

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Launch your nodes today

Exclusive, non-shared nodes with custom capabilities and configurations

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  • Access to all public and private protocols supported by Blockdaemon - Custom protocols & configurations available upon request
  • No API limits or quotas
  • Node monitoring API feeds
  • High availability clustering for fault tolerance and load balancing available
  • 99.9% node-level SLA and 99.99%+ network-level SLAs for multiple nodes
  • Multiple cloud offerings and availability zones
  • Premium support including private Slack channels, dedicated customer support representative
  • Enterprise-grade security

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