We Are Blockdaemon

Built for developers. Evolved for Enterprise.

Developer first approach

At Blockdaemon, we empower businesses to quickly deploy and iterate innovative blockchain applications. The onramp to blockchains with existing cloud formation tooling is steep and requires intimate understanding of each protocol’s particular language. We aim to reduce the complexity of working with blockchains with standard containerized deployments. We enable quick and easy configuration, standard monitoring for high availability and quality of service, and we regularly update and deploy crucial security and protocol updates.

Evolving for the Enterprise

Blockchain technology has made massive advances recently. However, tooling to handle real-world use cases has not kept pace. Managing infrastructure yourself is expensive and slow, and slows your project’s velocity. This is where Blockdaemon comes in. We allow you to orchestrate complex networks across multiple clouds and datacenters without costly and time-consuming overhead. Deploy testnets and mainnets and ensure maximum decentralization while connecting existing data reservoirs via API.

Blockdaemon in the Background

Like the original daemon, we run in the background connecting it all, freeing up developers to do what they do best: innovate and iterate. We’re obsessively passionate about making sure we have the right degree of decentralization and we stay focused on interoperability with easy to use integrations. By turning blockchains into a simple streaming data pipeline for enterprises with private transaction secured by large decentralized networks, we’re excited to beat enterprise blockchain fatigue. We take the hassle out of building and configuring the infrastructure, and enable developers to focus on their vision to create the next ideas that will evolve the industry. We are Blockdaemon. Let’s get building!

Meet some fellow Blockdaemons

Konstantin Richter
Arunram Kalaiselvan
Daniel Bondurant
Katie DiMento
Director of Marketing
Tim Read
Director of Product
Ethan Holmes
Lead Engineer
Scott Larson
Principal Network Architect
Nye Liu
Principal Software Architect
Jonas Pfannschmidt
Principal Blockchain Engineer
Pablo Rocha
Mary Shann
Project Manager
Jose Hernandez
Site Reliability Engineer
Bill Thompson
Director of Customer Support
Andrew Howell
Full Stack Developer
Shannan Stewart
Director of Operations and HR
Vice Pooch

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