Algorand: Node Deployment Details

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Preferred Node Hosting

Blockdaemon is an approved node hosting service for Algorand, and has worked with Algorand during the development and test cycles leading up to the launch of the Algorand MainNet. Blockdaemon has run multiple nodes in multiple supported configurations and understands how to enable participation in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

Relay Nodes - Backbone of the Network

Relay nodes are the backbone of the Algorand network and enable it to function. These high-powered nodes process transactions and help maintain consensus on the network. Setting up these nodes can be time-consuming and require regular maintenance and updates. Take advantage of Blockdaemon’s quick launch process and extensive monitoring and updates so your node launches and stays current with the network. Lengthy sync times can be avoided with our simple launches as well, so you’re ready to use the node within minutes.

Participation Nodes - Vote With Your Stake

If you are looking to still participate in the network but don't want to commit to a relay node,  Algorand also has Participation nodes, which help decentralization. Participation nodes hosts one or more online accounts with valid participation keys. This is a more cost-effective option compared to running Relay nodes and provides staking support for enterprises.

Powerful, Algorand-Approved Machines

No matter what node type you use, you can rest assured that you won’t have issues with underpowered nodes on Blockdaemon. We meet or exceed the minimum specifications Algorand has set for their nodes.

Maintain Network Decentralization Effortlessly

Blockdaemon is the only multi-cloud, multi-geo infrastructure platform for blockchain nodes, and we bring this capability to the Algorand network. Blockdaemon allows deploying on multiple clouds, in any supported region, with just three clicks. Our engineers have extensively tested availability zones to ensure reliable node launches — problematic zones have been stripped away. Blockdaemon allows launching on multiple different continents with new regions being added regularly. Geographically dispersed dedicated machines help keep the network decentralized and Blockdaemon monitors where the nodes are running. This way, you can help Algorand maintain its vision of optimized decentralization across infrastructure providers and geography.

Monitoring, Alerting and Automatic Healing

Your node is monitored throughout its lifecycle with our comprehensive tooling. Core machine-level metrics — CPU load, bandwidth, available disk space, memory — are monitored in real time, with alerting thresholds set internally so the platform can automatically remediate any errors before they occur. However, nodes themselves present additional key measures that must be watched, and Blockdaemon watches those for faults as well — peer counts, block height, transaction pools. Our experience with multiple protocols and with Algorand, in particular, allows us to monitor, repair and replace nodes where protocol-level errors may occur. When protocol updates are required, we make sure to apply them in advance so you see no disruption of service.

Personal Nodes for Strong Security

When you purchase an Algorand node through Blockdaemon, your node is yours exclusively. You’ll get the benefit of a dedicated machine without the management headaches of owning your own. Blockdaemon lets you add additional nodes quickly and easily, wherever you may want to. Since Participation nodes hold your participation key for network voting with your stake, Blockdaemon makes sure your full personal node is only accessible by you. Your node has its own unique address, and its own unique connection and authentication key. These are not reused, and ensure that your node is not open and exposed to anyone on the internet.

Strong SLAs & Comprehensive Support

Blockdaemon has a 99.9% uptime SLA for any one machine, and has a 99.99% overall SLA when there are five or more machines on the network in your account. With this SLA and our monitoring and healing, you can be confident your node will be there, ready and secure, for your use when you need it. And if you have a problem, you can visit our Help Center. There you will find live chat, emailable support, and a knowledge base with articles covering both the Blockdaemon platform in general, and using your Algorand node in particular. Our knowledge base is growing regularly and new articles are added regularly.

Pricing & Capabilities

Relay NodeProfessional Participation NodePersonal Participation Node
MainNet PriceStarting at $999/mo*Starting at $499/mo*Starting at $199/mo*
BandwidthUp to 10Gbps BandwidthUp to 10Gbps BandwidthUp to 10Gbps Bandwidth
Storage10 TB SSD5 TB SSD100 GB SSD
Processor36 Cores16 Cores2 Cores
Availability ZonesUS, Europe, APAC availability; LATAM and EMEA upon requestUS, Europe, APAC availability; LATAM and EMEA upon requestUS, Europe, APAC availability; LATAM and EMEA upon request
Cloud Hosting OptionsGoogle, AWS, BlockdaemonGoogle, AWS, BlockdaemonGoogle, AWS, Blockdaemon
Monitoring and Support24/7 + Private Slack Channel24/724/7
*pricing and machine sizing subject to change based on best possible optimization for customer

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Blockdaemon empowers blockchain projects by seamlessly creating and managing decentralized networks across multiple providers. 18 month old company with live product for over a year with over a dozen protocols, we have the expertise to launch your nodes easily.

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The only multi-chain, multi-cloud network management tool that can deploy and connect nodes to blockchains within minutes.

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In addition to AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean, the Blockdaemon infrastructure provides faster deploy times and lower costs.