Since 2017, Blockdaemon has launched over a thousand nodes across dozens of cutting edge blockchain protocols. Throughout this process of scaling our operations, we have and always will take a security first approach for each and every node we deploy. This strategy has helped us become an industry leading blockchain infrastructure provider, trusted by some of the world’s largest institutions. Security is essential, as we grow our support across more and more blockchains on a regular basis. In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the ways we guarantee our security first approach. 

Blockdaemon has built four layers of risk mitigation to avoid downtime and protect our customers from any risk of loss.

Layer 1: Physical Infrastructure

Gold Standard Data Centers

Despite the ethereal nature of blockchain technology, security begins at the physical layer. This means the safety of our physical node infrastructure is a fundamental component to our security first approach. Just as servers are the backbone to our favorite websites, nodes are the core of blockchain applications and services. Our world-class node infrastructure spans across eight different cloud and bare metal providers, guaranteeing vendor and geographical diversity. This means we deploy nodes from a suite of secure data centers distributed across the globe to achieve a diversified and resilient network. 

Our nodes live in data centers that ensure constant uptime and resiliency. Blockdaemon only deploy nodes in Tier 3+ data centers and never launch beneath this level. There are only around three Tier 4 data centers in the world and they’re mostly used solely for government purposes. This ensures that for Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, every node we deploy is guarded by 3.5 terabit per second protection. 

Our engineers rigorously test availability zones to ensure reliable node launches. Not only does this grant an enhanced level of physical security, but customers also have the option of geofencing the services provided by us to a specific country/region. This means that Blockdaemon customers enjoy high-performing, local nodes, with just a few clicks. With new regions being added all the time, we are committed to adding to the decentralization and diversity of blockchain nodes around the world to maximize the health of the network and security for our customers. 

Layer 2: Manual Failover

Our world-class engineering teams deliver manual failovers when necessary. This means our engineers manually intervene in failover procedures using our internally documented runbooks. This manual intervention mitigates the risk of double-signing associated with automated failovers. Although manual failover may sound antiquated, as everything that can be automated is automated, manual failover is indeed a critical security feature. For example, competitors who advertise automated failovers have been faced with slashing incidents due to double signing when a node that went down came back online and both nodes signed the same transactions. Having manual failover allows us to offer a slashing guarantee, in which we cover the slashing fees caused in case of a fault on Blockdaemon’s part. 

Layer 3: 24/7 Monitoring 

Our team of engineers monitor all protocols we manage 24/7, ensuring our finger is constantly on the pulse of each and every protocol. 

Our team of engineers also ensure protocol nodes remain up-to-date. As blockchains evolve, Blockdaemon ensures each of our nodes on every network we manage are updated in line with all protocol changes. Only official updates published by the protocol’s network / foundation are actioned. These network upgrade procedures take two approaches: 

  • Routine Protocol Updates

Standard protocol updates are applied to a node within one week of the update release, or sooner based on the requirements of the upgrade. For example, if required completion is mandated by a date or by block, we will make sure the node remains active in the network. 

  • Security / Urgent Protocol Updates

For critical upgrades relating to security, we prioritize these to be applied within one working day, but are usually applied within the same day of release. 

Level 4: Insurance 

Finally, we guarantee that missed returns as a result of slashing or double signing from any potential node malfunctions are 100% covered by Blockdaemon. 


Blockdaemon utilizes fully dedicated resources and only use enterprise grade hardware on all our nodes in order to provide the most productive nodes possible to our customers. Our high-availability node architecture allows for seamless scaling and a failure resilient infrastructure with 99.9% uptime. All of our nodes are fault-tolerant, and high-traffic nodes include redundancies to handle high amounts of traffic, which ensures a node failure does not result in a drop in service.   

Please feel free to browse our suite of supported protocols in our marketplace. If you’d like to get started running a node or using our staking services, please feel free to reach out to us! 

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