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Security First Blockchain Infrastructure

Our institutional-grade data security proved a safe infrastructure for blockchain needs, safeguards your information, and keeps infrastructure safe.

ISO 27001: Highest Level of Information Security Management Standards to Protect your Data

Blockdaemon’s ISO 27001 certification recognizes the implementation of a gold-standard information security system across the entire Blockdaemon platform, compliant with one of the most rigorous international standards.

ISO 27001:2017 was developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as the global standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It defines how organizations should manage and control information securely, with appropriate security controls.

  • Proactive Security

    Promote industry best practices and researching ways that blockchain can be secured, we scale to remediate risk.

    • We couple threat intelligence, the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, and JupiterOne’s Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management to constantly threat modeling and detect potential attacks against our nodes and company.
    • 24 x 7 Detection and analysis to ensure that your nodes are available and hardened.
    • Perimeter protection against OWASP Top 10, DDoS, Botnets, and other common techniques used to target API’s, Web Applications, Blockchains, and Nodes.
    • Shift left mentality utilizing SAST, SCA, DAST, and RASP to ensure that secure code is deployed to our infrastructure.
    • Proprietary logic to determine when potential slashing events may occur against nodes to ensure your node is always live.
  • Vulnerability Management

    We leverage our security team and Third Party companies to ensure that we are constantly ahead of the curve.

    • Continual external pentests against our infrastructure, application, and source code to ensure that we detect vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
    • Bug Bounty program to provide continuous, real-time insights to identify threats to our ongoing attack surface.
    • Third Party audits to ensure that our risk management and acceptance processes meet the growing needs of ISO, SOC 2, and NIST frameworks.
    • Ongoing analysis and internal scans of our assets and nodes to ensure the latest versions and patches are applied.
  • High Availability and Privacy By Default

    Utilizing cutting edge technology and most trusted cloud service providers, we work to make sure your nodes are always available.

    • Node monitoring and infrastructure monitoring to determine specific use cases that effect slashing to ensure that nodes are never impacted.
    • We leverage end-to-end encryption and least privilege access where applicable to limit access to any data that we consume to ensure that your data is protected.
    • Employee failover nodes and consistency checks to ensure nodes have the latest block height and are never behind.
    • Disaster Planning to secure our assets and ensure that our business never stops, regardless of the incident.
Our ISO 27001 certification solidifies Blockdaemon’s position as the global leader in blockchain infrastructure and aligns with our ongoing commitment to meeting or exceeding the highest standards of information security.
Konstantin Richter Founder and CEO, Blockdaemon

Four Layers of Risk Mitigation

Blockdaemon’s security first approach is underpinned by four layers of risk mitigation.

  • Layer 1: Infrastructure

    Blockdaemon’s infrastructure is built for global security. We use only the best Tier 3 data centers globally. We keep your nodes safe, with 50+ terabit DDoS protection, ensuring bad actors can’t impact your rewards by taking your nodes offline.

  • Layer 2: Manual Failover

    Our world-class engineering teams deliver manual failovers when necessary. This means our engineers manually intervene in failover procedures using our internally documented runbooks. This manual intervention mitigates the risk of double-signing associated with automated failovers.

  • Layer 3: Constant Monitoring

    Our team of engineers constantly monitor all protocols we manage. Our finger is always on the pulse of each and every node. We take care of all node updates, ensuring uptime even as blockchains protocols evolve.

  • Layer 4: 100% Slashing Insurance

    Blockdaemon’s slashing insurance offering protects our customers from the downsides of blockchain staking slashing events. We worked with Marsh, the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor, to create this best-in-class service that caters to Fortune 500 enterprises, banks, custodians, and trusts.

Blockdaemon Protects Your Private Keys

Our insurance helps create our 360-degree secure-staking environment.

Blockdaemon, the leading institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure company, has acquired Sepior, a data and digital asset security company focused on encryption and protection of institutional private keys.

Blockdaemon solves the ‘single point of failure’ problem that many institutions face with crypto key management.

Sepior gives institutions a blockchain-agnostic, non-custodial, non-hardware based solution for crypto key usage and storage.

  • Build hot and cold crypto wallet services
  • Protect keys for dApps
  • Guarantee secure transaction signing
  • …and much more.

We’re here to help you achieve your Web3 goals via:

  • Dedicated managed nodes
  • 100% insured staking
  • Secure blockchain APIs
  • And more

Blockdaemon provides you with the most safe and secure route into crypto and blockchains.

Your Secure Blockchain Partner

When it comes to security, we leave no stone unturned.

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