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Near Blockdaemon provides full end-to-end node management and support for NEAR, a decentralized application platform which runs atop the NEAR Protocol blockchain

Why Use Blockdaemon? Blockdaemon is the Total Node Management Solution

Blockdaemon guarantees peace of mind, as you never have to worry about maintaining or upgrading your nodes ever again — we look after all of that for you. Our finger is constantly on the pulse of each blockchain we support to ensure all of our nodes remain perfectly healthy. Our extensive experience across protocols lets us expertly monitor, repair and replace nodes where protocol level errors may occur. For any protocol updates needed, we look after these in advance so you never see any disruption in service.

Enterprise Level Security

Security is our top priority here at Blockdaemon. All nodes purchased through us are 100% customer dedicated. This means your node is yours exclusively. You’ll enjoy a dedicated node which has a unique address, its own unique connection and authentication key. Furthermore, these are never reused. We ensure your node is not open and exposed to anyone on the internet. Any nodes you’d like to add on additionally can be done so quickly and easily as well!

A Trusted Partner

Blockdaemon is by your side on your blockchain journey. We are the only infrastructure platform for blockchain nodes which offer multi-cloud and multi-geographical support, with just a few clicks. Want custom configurations and branded experiences? No problem, we provide a unified, whole-org, collaborative rollout to manage a complete network. Whatever your needs, we will work closely with you to deliver the solution you need.

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NEAR Key Features


NEAR uses a sharding approach which allows the network to increase its capacity as additional nodes participate. This is done by dynamically splitting the network nodes into multiple shards when usage is high enough to require it and parallelizing computation across those shards. With this approach, the network can scale continuously as demand increases.

Developer & End-User Optimized

NEAR’s “progressive security” model allows developers to create experiences for their users which more closely resemble familiar web experiences by delaying onboarding, removing the need for users to learn “blockchain” concepts and limiting the number of permission-asking interactions the user must have to use the application.


NEAR is designed to be interoperable with Ethereum smart contracts. NEAR’s Rainbow Bridge aims to achieve this. Innovation across the decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) spaces has increased demand on the Ethereum network and escalated transaction fees to record-high levels. The Rainbow Bridge allows users to seamlessly migrate assets to NEAR’s developer-friendly and low-cost platform, circumventing high gas fees without compromising on speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To get started now, see our NEAR staking guide here.

  • Once on NEAR, transactions will confirm in 1-2 seconds and cost well under $1 in most cases.

  • In order to maintain real decentralization, the network needs to allow permissionless participation from prospective node operators and not incentivize pooling.  To address these concerns, NEAR uses a staking mechanism called “Thresholded Proof of Stake” which is specifically designed to be both deterministic and broadly fair so it doesn’t incentivize pooling of large validators and it encourages broad participation from nodes.

  • NEAR uses a Proof of Stake system known as Nightshade to achieve consensus. Both block producers and validators have some number of internal currency (referred to as ”tokens”) locked for a duration of time far exceeding the time they spend performing their duties of building and validating the chain

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