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Custodians are the trusted gatekeepers for many crypto users. Blockdaemon supplies the infrastructure to support this trust. We provide custodians with secure, scalable and robust blockchain solutions for their global customers.

Our nodes are used by leading custodians and handle millions of transactions per day. Our reward-generating staking solutions provide custodians with rapid and efficient scaling. Blockdaemon is trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions. Our infrastructure is the bedrock on which custodians build and maintain their solutions.

Secure Custodian Staking

Blockdaemon provides a secure custodian staking integration. Our security backed solutions allow custodians and their customers to earn rewards on 35+ Proof-of-Stake protocols. Why not join major banks, brokerages and money managers by securely staking your customers’ assets on our class-leading infrastructure?

Preferred Custodian Partners

Blockdaemon integrates with industry-leading custodians to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. In this section, explore the preferred custodian partners of Blockdaemon.

Why Custodians Choose Blockdaemon

  • Speed-to-Market

    Blockdameon alleviates the big lifts that custodians face to access crypto staking. These big lifts include having the right hardware, keeping nodes up-to-date, ensuring constant monitoring and uptime, avoiding slashing and more. All of these need to be executed at a gold-standard level, or real money can be lost. Blockdaemon provides a white-glove Proof-of-Stake solution that takes care of these on a custodian’s behalf. This greatly simplifies the staking process.

    A custodian doesn’t have to worry about large overheads to join the Proof-of-Stake space. This cuts costs and provides enormous value. Blockdameon’s turnkey staking solutions allow custodians to accelerate their go-to-market staking strategy by eliminating the barriers they face.

  • Safety & Security

    As a non-custodial entity, Blockdaemon generates staking rewards for clients while they retain total custody over funds at all times. Custodians can start earning rewards immediately on behalf of their customers, without users’ funds ever leaving a wallet. Proof-of-Stake allows custodians to delegate the right for Blockdaemon to earn rewards on their behalf, without ever delegating the underlying assets themselves. Blockdaemon’s non-custodial stance totally eliminates any risk of loss or theft of a custodian’s funds during the staking process.

  • Scalability

    Blockdaemon helps custodians scale their services. Blockdaemon’s node management platform helps auto-scale blockchain networks securely with enhanced monitoring, back-up systems, APIs and cloud-managed node monitoring on cloud or bare metal solutions. Our high-availability node 
clusters ensure a reliable and scalable service. Scalable staking solutions 
allow custodians to spin-up nodes when needed to satisfy client demand. 
This scalable staking solution is coupled with world-class staking 
reporting capabilities.

  • 100% Slashing Insurance

    Blockdaemon’s 100% slashing insurance guarantee covers any risk of slashing occuring. Slashing is a feature of many Proof-of-Stake networks to curb malicious activity and incentivise good behaviour among validators, the entities responsible for securing the network. In the unlikely event of a slashing taking place where Blockdaemon is at fault, our 100% slashing insurance guarantee covers any potential loss which may occur. This pioneering approach is testament to the strength of our infrastructure and engineering expertise in avoiding slashing events before they happen.

  • Constant Uptime & Availability

    With 99.99% uptime across all blockchains, Blockdaemon maintains constant network connection on behalf of custodians. This guarantees a custodian’s customers enjoy uninterrupted blockchain service. This is because Blockdaemon’s nodes are fault-tolerant, with high-traffic nodes including redundancies to handle high amounts of traffic, which ensures a node failure does not result in a drop in service. Blockdaemon’s constant uptime is a central pillar of our staking services, driving our position as a top-performing validator across multiple proof-of-stake networks.

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