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Securely operate your own staking node with Blockdaemon

Stake with confidence with your own Blockdaemon managed validators. Built and maintained by the blockchain infrastructure experts

Securely operate your own staking node with Blockdaemon Run a validator with us to easily and securely participate in staking networks and maximize yields on your staking investments while mitigating slashing risk.

Our experience running nodes on every major network has led us to develop market leading tooling and enterprise-standard risk mitigation. With billions in token value staked in POS nodes, delegate to any of our validators and staking networks that we support. Our white-glove service makes it easy to handle all of your needs so you don’t have to worry about staying online, in sync, and up to date. We can walk you through our easy delegation instructions for your preferred protocol, and monitor your balance.

We support Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks from their inception as they begin their testnet phase through mainnet growth and mass user adoption. Throughout these phases of development, we work closely with protocol teams, the community and foundations to help test, monitor, and improve the network. We also have close relationships with leading custodians to meet your staking and security needs.

Blockdaemon Staking Dashboard

Access vital staking information with dashboards Easily analyze performance of 1000+ validators with protocol specific dashboards.

We provide the most comprehensive staking dashboards. These allow you to easily manage staking positions with 1000+ validators. Quickly review your staked and delegated investments with portfolio summaries and individual validator data. Please note this is only available on selected protocols

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  • 500+ Validating Nodes Managed by Blockdaemon
  • #1 Institutional Staking Provider by Volume
BD Validator

Customer Protection Risk mitigation is our top priority.

Blockdaemon has built four layers of risk mitigation, ranging from nodes to the unique offering of a slashing guarantee, in order to protect our customers.

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Secure Validator Nodes

PoS networks (like Ethereum and Solana) are heavily dependent on network participation and validator integrity. Blockdaemon makes it easy to run your own dedicated validator node or stake your tokens to Blockdaemon’s validators to earn participation rewards. With regional and data center diversity and node redundancy, Blockdaemon takes an engineering 1st approach to provide best-in-class uptime. We have deployed over 18,000 full nodes – making us the most battle-tested provider in the node infrastructure industry.

Failover Safeguards

Blockdaemon has manual failover with a trained and battle-tested team to eliminate risk of double signing. Blockdaemon manages all of this for you automatically, so you don’t have to worry about staying online, in sync, and up to date. Just follow our easy delegation instructions for your preferred protocol, and monitor your balance.

Enhanced Monitoring

Blockdaemon monitors all machine and protocol metrics with 24/7 human and automated monitoring to avoid downtime-related slashing. With engineers distributed globally, protocol-specific failover strategies are in place to eliminate risk of double-signing, and hot-spare and fully-synced backup nodes exist for fast recoveries when needed.

Slashing Guarantee

If slashing does occur on the network due to node malfunctions, you are insured by Blockdaemon to cover the loss.

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Blockdaemon has stepped up as one of the world's leading blockchain infrastructure platforms with their approach to helping launch and support next generation Proof-of-Stake networks. They bring a full suite of software to the table that has the ability to propel a network to the next level without compromising decentralization. In addition, their team played a valuable role in numerous ways that will help the SKALE Network grow towards the goal of bringing Ethereum to hundreds of millions of users.

Co-Founder SKALE Labs Jack O’Holleran

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