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Blockdaemon offers full, ‘node stack’ support for Cronos. This encompasses a suite of blockchain technology, from our high-quality validator nodes to our easily-accessible RPC infrastructure. Cronos developers are able to leverage Blockdaemon’s high-availability (HA) RPC infrastructure. Engineers can securely communicate with Blockdaemon’s nodes to remotely execute code. We offer an unlimited number of HA RPC endpoints for Cronos mainnet beta.

  • Staking Rewards (est) 12%
  • Minimum Amount to Stake None
  • Public Fee Contact Sales
  • Unbonding Period 28 days
  • Network Type
    • Mainnet
    • PoA
  • Hosting
    • Cloud


  • Public Delegation

    If you want to test out our node performance consider delegating to a Blockdaemon public validator.

Nodes & APIs

  • Dedicated Nodes

    We've been perfecting Nodes-as-a-Service since 2017. All our Dedicated RPC Nodes are built for zero downtime and high security. Our nodes are supported by optional High-Availability Clusters, offering secure backups and helping you manage unforeseen load spikes. Lastly, every machine we manage comes with 24/7 support and transparent service level agreements.

Trusted by

  • Salesforce
  • Softbank
  • boldstart

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