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Blockdaemon offers institutional-grade Flow infrastructure, on-chain data and staking services.

Whether you’re a developer that needs end-to-end managed nodes or you’re a financial institution that wants to earn maximum yield on your assets with validator nodes, we have you covered.

  • Staking Rewards (est) 9.90%
  • Minimum Amount to Stake 135,000 FLOW
  • Unbonding period 7-14 days
  • Public fee 8%
  • Network Type
    • Mainnet
    • PoS
    • Public
  • Blockdaemon Products
    • Nodes
    • Staking
  • Hosting
    • Bare Metal


  • White-Label Flow Validator

    Blockdaemon lets anyone run their own staking node and white-label it in their own name. Our white-label staking nodes are non-custodial (you keep your keys private), fully maintained/monitored, run at 99.9% uptime, and have manual-failover built-in, eliminating double-signing. Blockdaemon’s market-leading node performance is focused on meeting the high demands of large institutional banks, custodians, and exchanges. Protecting your assets is critical to Blockdaemon and to mitigate risk we’ve established slashing insurance, provided by Marsh.

  • Public Validator Staking

    If you want to test out our node performance before investing in a validator node or don't have the minimum Flow tokens to run your own validator, consider delegating to a Blockdaemon staking node.


  • Dedicated Flow Nodes

    We've been perfecting Nodes-as-a-Service since 2017. All our Dedicated RPC Nodes are built for zero downtime and high security. Our nodes are supported by optional High-Availability Clusters, offering secure backups and helping you manage unforeseen load spikes. Lastly, every machine we manage comes with 24/7 support and transparent service level agreements.

Connecting institutions to blockchains with one integration.

Supporting 60+ cutting-edge blockchain networks with world-class blockchain infrastructure. We power the blockchain economy with an easy-to-use, secure and scalable node management platform.

  • Salesforce
  • Softbank
  • boldstart

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • The nodes in Flow all play different roles.

    • Consensus Nodes decide the presence and order of transactions on the blockchain
    • Verification Nodes are responsible for keeping the Execution Nodes in check
    • Execution Nodes perform the computation associated with each transaction
    • Collection Nodes enhance network connectivity and data availability for dapps

    Consensus and Verification Nodes together are the foundation of security in the Flow network and leverage crypto-economic incentives to hold the rest of the network accountable.

  • Validator node operators supporting the network receive a portion of the transaction fees that pass through the system proportional to the work they do and their associated stake. Unlike miners or validators for other blockchains, validators on Flow can get started as Consensus or Verification Nodes with relatively cheap hardware, ensuring broad, equitable participation and decentralization. In the early years of the network when fees are low, the network will provide additional rewards to node operators proportional to their efforts and associated stake.

  • Finality refers to the point at which a blockchain user can be confident their transaction is permanently included in the chain. On Flow, deterministic finality is achieved within seconds: once Consensus Nodes determine which block a transaction will be a part of, user agents can in most cases execute the transaction locally and give feedback to the user almost immediately.

  • Absolutely. Blockdaemon has earned the ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management.

    In addition we’re fully compliant with AML/KYC policies. Take a closer look at the specifics here or watch this overview:

  • It’s rare. In fact, we’re so confident in our Validator Node performance, Blockdaemon provides slashing insurance to all our White-Label Validator Node customers.

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