Today, Blockdaemon is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Metrika, the leader in operational intelligence for blockchain networks, in advance of The Merge. 

This collaboration will deliver network health metrics for Blockdaemon’s Ethereum node and staking operations. Blockdaemon will better understand the operational health of the entire Etheruem network, which is key to maintaining the highest levels of performance for node and staking clients. 

Metrika’s deep network and operational intelligence is critical to maintaining a reliable, consistent service both during and after The Merge.

Blockdaemon & Metrika: Bringing Value to Ethereum Stakers 

As a leading Etheruem staking provider, node health data forms a critical part of Blockdaemon’s architecture. 

This data is needed to maximize staking rewards for clients, across both Etheruem staking and liquid staking offerings. 

This joint collaboration helps further minimize Ethereum staking downtime and maximize rewards for Blockdaemon clients. For example, Metrika’s real-time monitoring allows Blockdaemon to minimize the risk of any suffering an offline penalty. In Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake paradigm, there is an opportunity cost when a validator suffers an outage. When offline, a client would lose out on valuable ETH rewards they would have otherwise received. 

With Metrika’s industry leading node insights and real time alerting, Blockdaemon can reduce the risk of outages and optimize staking rewards.  

How Blockdaemon & Metrika Aid The Merge 

Blockdaemon and Metrika will aid The Merge by maximizing uptime, thereby increasing the stability of the network. 

Varying network performance may occur during the impending Ethereum upgrade.

Metrika helps guarantee that institutional node operators, such as Blockdaemon, consistently monitor Ethereum nodes and ensure the highest uptime possible during The Merge. 

By maintaining strong uptime across the entire Blockdaemon node portfolio, Metrika further bolsters Blockdaemon’s total “Merge-readiness.”

However, Blockdaemon and Metrika also extend this support to other node operators and developers. This brings added, enhanced transparency into the health of the network. 

How Blockdaemon & Metrika Strengthen the Ethereum Ecosystem

As Ethereum continues to decentralize, this partnership is critical to granting the broader Ethereum community visibility into the resilience and reliability of the network. 

The in-depth analytics and tools provided to the Ethereum ecosystem by Metrika and Blockdaemon will also provide insights into the health of the network. This makes it easier for node operators, validators, and staking providers to run operations more efficiently, ultimately promoting the further adoption of Ethereum.

Benefiting Ethereum’s Community

This strategic partnership provides deep visibility across both the Ethereum network and Blockdaemon’s node estate. With this view, Blockdaemon optimizes rewards for clients while contributing to the health and security of the network and the wider Ethereum ecosystem. 

To provide support and resources to the Ethereum community, Blockdaemon and Metrika have Scheduled a Twitter Spaces conversation on September 7, 2022 to discuss their partnership and how the Ethereum ecosystem can prepare for a post-Merge world.