Hyperledger Fabric

With one of the most customizable and complete protocols for a blockchain network, collaborate and transact with multiple organizations globally. Launch truly redundant robust multi-orderer network using the latest 1.4.1 Fabric implementation. Starting at $249/month per node. Connect now.

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Highly Configurable And Customizable

Hyperledger Fabric provides one of the most customizable and complete protocols for a blockchain network, and Blockdaemon allows you to configure your private Fabric network as you see fit. Your network will automatically launch with an orderer, and you can add peers as you need. Connect to your network and manage channels, set up users, and manage policies. Fabric enables multiple organizations to collaborate and transact as they would in the real world. Each channel acts as its own ledger, which allows you to keep transactions confidential as necessary.

Reduce Time-Consuming And Confusing Setup

Hyperledger Fabric has primarily been adopted by larger enterprises and cloud infrastructure platforms. By adding it to the Blockdaemon platform, we are bringing our three-click deploy to this powerful protocol. Now you can launch your private Fabric network in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days if you’d done it yourself or with complex and proprietary management toolsets. Get down to work and deploy chaincode, and deliver value for your project before the day is done.

Easily add nodes to an existing external network

Blockdaemon prides itself on being cloud and protocol agnostic. Need to add peers to an existing outside legacy network? Supply us with the applicable connectivity information, and we will launch/scale as needed to provide the performance/availability you need. Need a standalone CA server? Provide your own certs or even have us automatically generate them for you. Leave it to us.

Monitoring, Alerting and Automatic Healing

Your node is monitored throughout its lifecycle with our comprehensive tooling. Core machine-level metrics — CPU load, bandwidth, available disk space, memory — are monitored in real time, with alerting thresholds set internally so the platform can automatically remediate any errors before they occur. However, nodes themselves present additional key measures that must be watched, and Blockdaemon watches those for faults as well — peer counts, block height, transaction pools. Our experience with multiple protocols and with Stellar in particular allows us to monitor, repair and replace nodes where protocol-level errors may occur. When protocol updates are required, we make sure to apply them in advance so you see no disruption of service.

Strong SLAs & Comprehensive Support

Blockdaemon has a 99.9% uptime SLA for any one machine, and has a 99.99% overall SLA when there are five or more machines on the network in your account. With this SLA and our monitoring and healing, you can be confident your node will be there, ready and secure, for your use when you need it. And if you have a problem, you can visit our Help Center. There you will find live chat, emailable support, and a knowledge base with articles covering both the Blockdaemon platform in general, and using your Stellar node in particular. Our knowledge base is growing regularly and new articles are added regularly.

An Ongoing Commitment

Blockdaemon is committed to Hyperledger Fabric and has an ongoing roadmap for development. We will continue to add features and tooling to the management of complex Hyperledger networks We will apply protocol updates as the protocol evolves, including the upcoming Fabric 2.0 upgrade. Additional updates are planned to streamline channel management, chaincode deploys and policy management.

Pricing & Capabilities

Private Network
PricingStarting at $249/month
TLSCA/Certificate of Authority Server
Single Orderer (single orderer org)
One or more peers (single peer org)
Standalone node - Add one or more of above to external networkcoming soon
Explorer - Browse transactions etc.coming soon
Multiple orderer - RAFTcoming soon
Multiple org hierarchy - Orderers in distinct, separate orgscoming soon
Multiple org hierarchy - Peers in distinct, separate orgscoming soon
Multiple org hierarchy - Interconnected private networkscoming soon
Availability ZonesUS East, US West, EU, EMEA
Cloud Hosting OptionsGoogle, AWS
Monitoring and Support24/7 + Private slack channel
*pricing subject to change based on best possible optimization for customer

Launch with the latest 1.4.1 Fabric implementation

Connect to Fabric
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Blockdaemon empowers blockchain projects by seamlessly creating and managing decentralized networks across multiple providers. 18 month old company with live product for over a year with over a dozen protocols, we have the expertise to launch your nodes easily.

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The only multi-chain, multi-cloud network management tool that can deploy and connect nodes to blockchains within minutes.

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In addition to AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean, the Blockdaemon infrastructure provides faster deploy times and lower costs.