This week, we welcome Anyblock as the newest member of the Blockdaemon family. Anyblock joins the ranks of Blockdaemon’s roster of innovative acquisitions. With this new addition, Anyblock’s talented team and quality products will bring Blockdaemon’s client offerings to the next level. 

Today, we’d like to share exactly how Anyblock’s acquisition adds value to both Blockdaemon and our client base. We’ll outline the ‘why’ behind the acquisition. 

Anyblock: Building Blockdaemon’s NFT Capabilities

We have long recognized the importance that NFTs will have in the future of the cryptocurrency sphere. 

With this acquisition, Anyblock brings innovative NFT offerings into the Blockdaemon fold. This includes:

  • NFT On-Chain Metrics

Anyblock has built an interface that takes any NFT contract address and displays relevant, specific NFT information.

Taking the popular NFT collection Cryptopunks as an example, we can see a clear display of key metrics for the project. 

  • NFT Wallet Metrics

From looking at NFT projects as a whole, Anyblock lets users zoom into specific accounts. Ethereum’s Externally Owned Account info can be entered into the dashboard to return specific wallet metrics. These reveal the total NFTs held by an address, along with relevant NFT data. 

  • Proof of Attendance Protocol Metrics

The Proof Of Attendance Protocol (POAP) is a highly reputable Ethereum project that has been live for several years. Using Anyblock, key protocol data can be viewed about POAP across the two networks, namely Ethereum Mainnet and xDai. And again, any user’s wallet collection can be viewed combined across the blockchains as well.

These dashboards will greatly improve Blockdaemon’s ability to offer richer NFT data support to clients going forward. 

Why we believe in Anyblock

Beyond NFTs, this acquisition brings value in four distinct areas. In each area, Anyblock offers significant benefits to Blockdaemon. 

1. API Services 

Each node in our network holds a wealth of blockchain data. Cryptocurrency balances, transactions, accounts and other on-chain information forms the backbone of user-facing applications. However, this valuable data is not always easy to access. Traditionally, one would need to spin-up a node while having the talent and skill to query the chain for certain data. This difficulty is a major pain point for businesses. 

Blockdaemon has long recognized the necessity of having easily accessible protocol data. As interest in cryptocurrencies grows, access to this on-chain data is critical. This is why we’ve developed our Ubiquity API product. Ubiquity helps clients easily, seamlessly read and write blockchain data. 

Anyblock has built products that compliment Blockdaemon’s existing Ubiquity offering. The Anyblock JSON-RPC Node API, indexed Blockchain Data API and real-time Alerting & Notifications across multiple networks are major compliments to Ubiquity’s product offerings. 

Anyblock’s alerting system, for example, helps users stay in the loop with important blockchain updates. These valuable monitoring and altering tools will be great integrations into our Ubiquity portfolio.

Our acquisition of such complimentary tools and capabilities will deliver a better, richer experience for our clients. 

We are delighted to acquire Anyblock, which will allow us to integrate its Blockchain Data API solution for bridging access to protocols with our suite of APIs —while further expanding our footprint in Germany and Europe,” said Konstantin Richter, Blockdaemon Founder and CEO. 

All of us are thrilled to join forces with Blockdaemon as our services and teams supplement each other nicely. We want to thank everyone that has gotten us to this point! Now we are looking forward to helping accelerate Blockdaemon’s growth even further and extending our relationships in the various ecosystems,” said Anyblock CEO Peter Eulberg.

2. Sophisticated Product Offerings

Anyblock has forged deep relationships with important protocols. This resulted in sophisticated offerings, buoyed by their world-class data science. As Blockdaemon also deepens its infrastructure support for the NFT space, the team and tooling from Anyblock will help support powering transactions behind the NFT ecosystem.

Two such relationships are with Chainlink and The Graph. Anyblock has worked with Chainlink’s team since summer 2019. The result is that clients can use Anyblock oracles in relation to Chainlink across various blockchain networks. Chainlink also has a dedicated connection to the Anyblock Index API. The blockchain will allow requesters to create queries to the API, and return the response. Such a product offering will be a great addition to Blockdaemon. 

The Graph is another Anyblock priority protocol. Previously, we’ve highlighted how Blockdaemon supports The Graph. Anyblock not only offers indexing service, but was also selected by The Graph Foundation for a Wave 2 grant to develop a tool for the optimization of allocations. On Friday, September 10, 2021, the tool officially entered the beta phase. This sophisticated product development will be an asset to Blockdaemon.

We are delighted to add additional value to existing and future Blockdaemon customers with our tooling and deep cross-chain data expertise, particularly in the various Ethereum ecosystems. ” adds Anyblock CDO Freddy Zwanzger.

3. International Expansion & Growth

Blockdaemon geographical footprint expands in line with its success. With our recent Series B we announced further team growth into key markets such as Singapore, Japan and the UK. 

With this acquisition, we establish ourselves further into the German market. This is a strategic market for Blockdaemon, presenting many exciting opportunities for business development. 

Acquiring Anyblock deepens our already strong EU presence. Blockdaemon will now have an even stronger German base with Anyblock’s German based team.

“As we scale, Blockdaemon constantly looks to improve our products and add new value-adding services to our clients. With our recent addition of Anyblock, we are onboarding a world-class team of blockchain experts, combined with a best-in-class NFT and API tech stack, which will significantly improve the value we deliver to our clients. I would like to welcome Anyblock onto the Blockdaemon team,” Head of Corporate Development, Larry Zhong.

4. Scalable Services

Blockdaemon’s services are built to scale. With our newly acquired expertise and resources, Blockdaemon will be able to scale even faster. Products will roll-out faster, with the intention of capturing greater market share. 

Ultimately, we want every business to use Blockdaemon for their blockchain requirements. Anyblock will help us achieve this even faster than ever.  


As mentioned, Blockdaemon’s acquisition of Anyblock is intended to bring more value to our clients. This comes by way of amazing products and even better service.

The benefits to Blockdaemon also cannot be understated. Through this acquisition, we boost our capabilities. We further scale our team with experts in blockchain data. We also improve our geographical presence to capture additional market share. These are compelling areas for us as we grow.

Overall, Anyblock’s acquisition comes at a time of significant growth in Blockdaemon. As institutional interest in blockchain continues to grow, Anyblock is an exciting addition to the Blockdaemon family. New team members and products will help us continue to deliver an industry-leading client service, while adding value on a continuous basis.